Yeah I'm driving! Bonus points if you find a driving baby.


Durrr I'm Driving!

Durrr I'm Driving is a game created by Jojo in mid 2011. The game is played by at least 2 people while driving on a freeway. The object of the game is to find a "Yeah I'm driving!" driver. As each car passes by the window, players must identify the other drivers as having a "Durrr I'm driving" face or a "Yeah I'm driving" face (In the interest of simplification, DID and YID will be placeholders for "Durrr I'm driving" and "Yeah I'm driving").

DID drivers are by far the most common drivers on the road. They do not have respect for driving and they do not fully understand that it is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Driving is fun and exciting, and their DID face says a lot about who they are. Many have their mout agape while staring off into space. Others have a nonchalant look that says they are bored with life. They believe that driving is another dull, mundane daily activity they have to put up with, like dental hygiene, balancing checkbooks, surfing for Pterodactyl Porn on the Internet, and hauling plague victims in a wheelbarrow from village to village.

Bored driver

Durrr I'm Driving

YID drivers are why this country is still great! They are the lone wolves that drive against the grain in the pursuit of better living. Driving is a part of life, and if you don't enjoy it, then take your DID ass and get the hell out! America! YID drivers fall into two categores: Stoked YIDs and Cool YIDs.

Stoked YIDs have a great big smile and active driving posture. They bring their sunny attitude to the road every day and they are role models for all the sad DIDs that congest the freeways. They have a destination and they are enjoying the shit out of getting there.

Cool YIDs are the Fonzies of the world. They tend to wear dark sunglasses and they never smile. They lean back and lay one hand on the wheel with the other arm resting out the window. They tend to drive cool cars, and even when they don't have a cool car they maintain their YID composure.

When you play the Durrr I'm Driving game, everyone is a winner. Just


Cool Driving Dog

Cool "Yeah I'm Driving" Dog

locating the Yeah I'm Driving faces will make you feel empowered and proud to be driving alongside them. And the best part is: the mere act of playing DID results in everyone playing having a YID face. That's right, you can't have Durrr face when you are playing this game.