A title given to the winner of a Disc Golf game. It is designed to bring down the winner in the next game. Much like calling someone a name repeatedly, it is meant to to cause them to actually flounder.


There are a few rules pertaining to its use and effect:

  1. The winner of a game is titled "Flounder" in the next game.
  2. The "Flounder" does not take effect until the previous Flounder beats the new flounder on a hole.
  3. A tie is decided by carrying on to the next game, first person to beat the other on a hole is the flounder.
  4. Flounder is only in play if Brian, Ryan, Jojo and Stevie are all playing.
  5. Flounder can be permanently dispelled if a Flounder wins 3 games while Flounder in a row.
  6. Brian doesn't make up the rules, he just enforces them.


Jojo wrote down "Flounder" instead of "Stevie" on the score-card. It snowballed from there.

Additional NotesEdit

Many alternate titles have been proposed for when the four parties are not playing, such as "Goldfish", but not have been found to be acceptable.

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