Maggie - Stupid Baby, Pacifier Addict, Attempted Murderer

Stupid Baby


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Stupid Babies need the most attention. That we can all agree on. But who is a Stupid Baby? Most people will say that Stevie is a Stupid Baby when asked this question. Most people are right. But what they don't know is that Stupid Babies become complacent with the attention they get. They begin to expect to have the most attention, which consquently makes them weak and feable. With that knowledge, you can join the rest of us in slowly shaking our heads and reciting the ancient wisdom attributed to Socrates: "Stupid babies need the most attention".

The Simpsons brought this maxim from Ancient Greece to the land of Amerigo Vespucci. Like all things on the Simspons (And I do mean ALL), this joke has worked its way into the Inner Circle.

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